Video Analytics
Industry leading video analytics, bar none
Trusted by some of the largest venues in the world.
Hyper Accuracy
98% counting accuracy
Bandwidth Friendly
Even works with LTE
Zero-Cabling, Rapid Install
Taps into existing infrastructure on-premise
Site Level Analytics
Comprehensive Analytics
Select your KPI’s and compare performance across hundreds of car washes, airports, lounges, grocery stores.
Stream Level Analytics
Camera Level Analytics
Turn surveillance into insights with camera level analytics.
Visualization Options
Dual Architecture
Floorplan driven or camera-driven - customers can choose how they wish to view their analytics.
Bird's Eye View
Next Generation Visualizations
Use real-time movement maps to help you understand space usage indoors or outdoors.
Easy as 1, 2, 3...
How It Works
High performance AI packaged to deploy in minutes
NDAA Compliant Cameras
  • Use any existing digital camera or LiveReach provided
LiveReach AI-NVR
  • Pre-loaded with all the AI software needed for advanced video intelligence
LiveReach AI Dashboard
  • View data via a single easy-to-use application
  • Search through video footage in seconds and distribute video securely within minutes
Layer your Security Footage with Artificial Intelligence
Discover. Quantify. Respond.