Enterprise Cloud-Based Security
No camera lock-in or new infrastructure required
Industry leading AI video search
Modern intuitive user interface
Powerful Video Visualizations
Conveniently watch and find footage with robust viewing features
Scrub through hours of footage in minutes
Seamless remote + cloud-based viewing
Configurable Video Walls
Best-in-Class AI Search
Use AI to reduce time spent searching for critical moments
Analytical Search

Search by crowd size

LPR Search
Rapidly Distribute Video Intelligence
Distribute live and historical footage with ease
Cloud Archive Critical Footage
Case Management
Archive important video footage to a beautiful video repository that lets you comment and annotate on video footage.
Empower with Real-Time Alerting
Receive SMS & Email Based Alerts.
Alarm-Trigger Search: Check the actual video footage against each alert fired.
Easy as 1, 2, 3...
How It Works
High performance AI packaged to deploy in minutes
NDAA Compliant Cameras
  • Use any existing digital camera or LiveReach provided
LiveReach AI-NVR
  • Pre-loaded with all the AI software needed for advanced video intelligence
LiveReach AI Dashboard
  • View data via a single easy-to-use application
  • Search through video footage in seconds and distribute video securely within minutes
Layer your Security Footage with Artificial Intelligence
Discover. Quantify. Respond.