The world's most accurate and simple people counting solution designed to help you understand how your space is used.

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Reopen your space.
Restore customer confidence in

98% Accuracy

Less Than A 15 Minute Install

Anomaly Detection

Real Time & Customizable

Scaleable To Multiple Entries


How You Can Benefit

Improve and Measure

Investing in SafeOccupancy means increased safety, optimized space, and smart data-driven decisions

Access Control

Limit or expand customer entry based on your safety thresholds

Communicate At-Scale

Share space occupancy via crisp digital signage to help customers and employees stay informed


How It Works


Simply deploy our privacy-friendly computer vision sensor

Plug In

Plug in our powerful media player to the back of any digital signage

Visit LRM Dashboard

Login into LRM dashboard and start visualizing data, set up alerts, and create rule-based playlists

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