Simple internet connected sensors harnessing advanced data science techniques to predict wait times within 3 minutes and count 95% of your passengers

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3 Minute Wait Time Prediction Guarantee

Lane Level Seperation

Rapid Deployment

95% PAX Counting Technology

Real-Time Alerts


How You Can Benefit

Improve Customer Perception

Surveys show that streamlining your security checkpoints are the most critical step in enhancing traveler experiences, so sit back and let LRM’s AI engine do all the heavy lifting.

Historical, Real-Time, and Predictive Queue Analytics

LRM’s analytics engine helps you forecast and plan ahead through simple and easy-to-use data visualization tools

Act Instantly & Intelligently

Our system empowers operators with real-time and actionable business intelligence to improve customer satisfaction. For example, resolving bottlenecks at the checkpoint could mean the difference between your customer making or missing their flight

Data Sharing

Distribute wait time data on your website or mobile app to help travelers plan their journey ahead

Future Proof

We don’t just stop at queue measurement - upgradable tools include mask detection, wheelchair detection, and SafeDistancing detection.


How It Works

Share your Goals

Meet with an LRM expert to determine areas of focus and select your sensor design options

Rapid Sensor Design

Share your floor plan and we will design your sensor layout

Self-Serve or Managed Installation Service

We will ship you the sensors or come on-site depending on your preference

Your Space is Now Digitized

Set up alerts, visualize your data, and begin creating superior customer experiences 

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